Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Valery Tan (7) - S1 Viva Voce


Reflection of Learning Points and Challenges:
During the recording, I had to make sure that I was explaining the right thing so as to not get the viewer/listener confused. The challenge was getting the question solved, as finding the area of the parallelogram often leaves many confused. This is one part which I had to try to explain in the clearest way possible. 
Another part was how I had to get the animation sequence in order (for the keynote slides) so that the viewer/listener can link the keywords and values in the question back to the methods that were used to solve the question.
In explaining the methods to solve this question, it also served as a recap for me in the algebraic equations and how to put the various methods I have learnt in both primary and secondary school to good use so that I can find the simplest and fastest way possible to solve the question.

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  1. clear explanation and well articulated. Simple use of animation and not distracting. Commendable effort.