Saturday, September 10, 2011

S1 Viva Voce - Chelsea 02 [QUESTION 1]


Reflection of Learning Points and Challenges
The challenges that I faced was that I had difficulty in thinking of ways to explain my method of answering the question. It was difficult to ascertain what I knew and what the listener knew. Therefore, I had to be careful with what I said. It was a challenge to phrase my words, knowing that the wrong word could bring about a different understanding in someone. 
Another challenge I faced was the presentation of my method via slides. It was hard to time the transactions so that it would coincide with my instructions. 
I learnt that through explaining my thought process, I am able to understand exactly what I am saying rather than just blindly writing down the correct answer. It also helped me to recall math rules that I learnt in primary school. I was also ‘forced’ to find the simplest, most effective and fastest way to solve the problem. :)

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