Thursday, September 29, 2011

Number Pattern

Activity 1
Observe the following and complete the activity that follows:
example 1
 example 2
 example 3
 example 4
example 5
click here for animation
example 6
Activity 2
What did you observe about the above examples? Do they have something in common and related to mathematics?

Are there other types of mathematical patterns ? 
Do a brief research and post your findings.
Use the Linoit to identify other types of numbers or patterns in the world 

Activity 3

Activity 1 Problem solving heuristics
Here is a simple Mathematical problem.

There are 28 students in your classroom. 
On Valentine's Day, every student gives a valentine to each of the other students.
How many valentines are exchanged?

What are the Mathematical Heuristics that you think will be suitable to solve the above problem?


  1. There are patterns in all of the above. All of these involve numbers or representations of numbers.

  2. Use Formula n(n-1) as each student will give 27 valentines
    Addition - Add 27 28 times ( 27 x 28 )

    These two are the simplest methods

    The answer is 756