Saturday, September 10, 2011

Maths ViVA Voce - Balasubramaniam Praveen (8)

Part A )

Part B)   This Activity helped me refresh the concepts I learnt previously such as Area and Perimeter. I solved my question ( Question 3 ) on the screen itself by writing on it.

A challenge I faced in this was typing the wrong thing.Once , I had to restart my whole video just because of missing one zero in my typing.Another challenge I faced was to think of a way to explain it to make it as clear as possible to those who are watching my video.I wanted my video to be as good as possible so i retook my video many times till I realized that there was a easy way by just writing down the keypoints on a paper.

I learnt how to explain a question in more than one way and I also learnt how to make a video more interactive for the audience .

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