Sunday, September 11, 2011

Math Performance task: Viva Voce Harindrar(15)

  This has been a very interesting activity for me. To be able to express my mathematical thinking in words was not too simple. I had certain challenges while I carried out this task. One key challenge is mistakes. As I am recording or editing the video I realize that I have made a mistake and I would go through a tedious process of retaking it. This could have been avoided if I was careful not to make such mistakes in the first place. But this can be taken as a learning point. It helps me learn to Pin-point my errors through just reading through them, this would save the marks I may lose in the exam due to carelessness. Other than that I know need to be more confidence in expressing myself and my pronunciation and  articulation is very important for the listener. It has been a fun and fruitful learning experience for me.

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