Saturday, September 10, 2011

He Shiying (5) - S1 Viva Voce

Part A

Part B

I used a whiteboard to solve the question. A challenge I faced was visualizing the sequence of how I was going to portray the answers. This is because I had to erase my workings off the whiteboard to write the next steps and think if the current picture would be brought up again later. Step by step explanations needed to be added in the background so I had to take a picture for each step I did.  
I tried story boarding in the end. It served as a guide to me as I took pictures and worked the question out.

During recording, a challenge I faced was putting my thoughts into words. It was tough thinking of substitutes for my thoughts. I tried to recall words that my teachers and classmates used and combined them.

During the process of making the video, I was able to recall the topics and formulas taught earlier. I also had the experience of writing out  to teach instead of using keynote slides.

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