Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dylan Loo Jing Ying 12- S1 (Viva Voce)

EDIT: I made some errors while typing out the information, but due to the length of the video and the time taken to export, I could not afford to retake the video again. Here are the major errors:
Error 1: At 4 minutes, while typing out A, it should be A= (4x+6) not A= (4x-6).
This was the only major error I could find.

Reflection of learning points and challenges
A challenge was thinking of how to solve the problem, but as I focused, I began to see how to solve this question.
Another very small challenge was recalling the formula used to calculate the area of a shape.
A learning point of doing this question was that in doing this question, I was able to refresh what I learned in primary school, and then apply it in solving one of the sub-questions in this question.
In the first sub-question, I had to compare the 3 terms that I arrived at and start working out a way to find the numerical value of x.
In the second sub-question, I had to multiply the length by breadth to calculate and find out the area of the rectangle using the information from the previous sub-question, which was the numerical value of x.
In the third sub-question, I had to recall what I had learned previously, that 1 meter consisted of 100 centimeters, and apply it in this question, dividing the current answer by 100 and getting the final answer, 2.3m^2.

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  1. S1-07-1
    Great attempt and creditable submission Dylan.