Thursday, September 8, 2011

Carissa Liew En Hui (1) - S1 Viva Voce

Part 1


Reflection of Learning Points and Challenges:

The challenges that I faced was thinking of ways to explain the methods of answering the question as clearly as possible. One problem for me was that as much as I am able to do the question, I may am not really able to explain the question in detail as I assume that the audience already know what I know. I also had difficulties in finding the right phrases to present the what is going on in my mind.

Another challenge I faced was presenting my video as a whole. I had ideas of making the video seem more fun then just slides but I could not get people to film me the way I wanted hence I resulted to using slides. I decided to make the slides a little bit more ‘interactive’ so that the audience would know what is going on and that they would pay more attention to my video.

One of the learning points for me was that through explaining the questions, I understood the methods that I used more and how different topics can be related to one question. It was also a good recap for me.

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